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First of all, leaving the ship on excursions should definitely be a contact time and you should know all of this. you should set a curfew as you likely wont be seing much of her. HOWEVER, if you would like her to meet new friends, and cruising is the perfect way to "learn" how to stand out in a crowd and not have to struggle with friend making as she enters high school or any social situation, DO NOT MAKE HER CARRY AROUND A WALKIE TALKIE. It is like putting a big sign on her back, chest, face, whole body that says: DONT BE FRIENDS WITH ME BECAUSE YOU WILL SEE MY MOM A LOT. even if this is not true, it is the reasoning behind it. kids will automatically think uh-oh, overprotective mom (even though its not overprotective, just protective) dont be friends with her because you are going to have to stop and run into her mom a lot regardless if this is true for you or not, it is what kids will assume. make sure she knows what shes doing and understand that the only way for you to lose her is for her to leave the ship. but you are in the ocean. so i doubt that will happen
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