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For me the BIGGEST ISSUE is the music. Karaoke, Electronic drums, Guitar (real, not rockband) are essencial to have on a ship. Teens will flock to try the electronic drums because theyre so damn fun, and teen musicians can meet people through playing. There can be like a talent night or something where you get to play if you can. It would be a great way to break ice too because Its like getting your face out there and seeing everybody at once. A big decision for me is being able to play guitar, or my guitar, and sing, and drum on a ship because music is a huge componant of my life. so one suggestion is to add even just ONE complete set of instruments to each of the newer ships, or even just the MAgic and Dream. I think it would be unique and something that could be advertised as well. It would definitely end the tie between RCCL and CCL because CCL is usually better but they dont have music... ALSO, definitely try to start doing one theme night, maybe the last night of the cruise, like the Warehouse or dusk parties. Just do one that lasts ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT as like a final BIG SHEBANG. just some suggestions.
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