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Default Celebrity Eclipse Advice and Helpful Hints

David are on the April 16th, thirteen night sailing of the Eclipse on her repositioning transatlantic voyage. We are celebrating 27 years together and would like tips about the ship such as must do restaurants, bars, and activities. Things to avoid would be helpful as well. We have many ät sea¨ days and want to experience this ship to the fullest.

We have booked an aft-facing ¨sunset view¨category balcony on deck 8.

So I guess we may not be allowed to use the ¨Blu¨restauramt eventhough the cost of our cabin was a few dollars more than that of the äqua class¨cabins. Is that true?

Hmmmmmmmm? We are just curious about any random thoughts others may have that may add to our cruise experience. Thanks in advance.:razz::razz:
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