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I read Eric's piece.

Regent is different from Seabourn - Seabourn has a much smaller passenger load on average. When you have 200 people then everyone gets priority luggage service, but not when you have 700 people.

It seems to me he makes a few of statements of fact that are really just assumptions.

Adding concierge services to a ship that size worked extremely well on Azamara and by no means did it mean they took anything away from the people who do not book into the concierge class - except that maybe their luggage will arrive a little later - or maybe not.

Holland America just found a way to make EVERY stateroom ready by 11:30 and have EVERY passenger's luggage arrive about 2 hours earlier.

Just maybe Regent can do this without marking down the experience of the non-concierge customers. I think it is premature to publish a piece based on assumptions. You should wait until the reviews come in.
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