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George in NY
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Default Re: new Captain's Club

Well it seems that the record keeping leaves much to be desired, but then again much leaves a lot to be desired. In example for " goodwill " purposes Celebrity issued 25% off coupons for those scheduled to sail from NY and forced to sail out of Baltimore instead. This should have been a nice thing and fostered " goodwill " but will probably in many cases simply piss many off. Why, because by the time they place the limitations on useage you pretty much feel like the whole thing was a joke. No JUNE or JULY, must be same categorey, 7 DAY cruise, cruise only , no holidays, no this no that. I believe the final requirement is that you must have a third child named Bill who turns 7 on the fifth day of a cruise where the fifth day is a Monday with a full moon. I'm kidding of course, I think I am anyway, maybe I better just check.

Throw in the FREE 1 cat upgrade, but wait the cat BELOW the balcony ( cat3 ) is WHAT (???) higher priced than the Cat 2. Humm so there goes that FREE upgrade. No couldn't have anything to do with them no really wanting to upgrade Captains Club members from cat 3 to cat 2 ( by the way there are already limits on that upgrade of course, no inside to outside, no regular cats to suite cats and so forth.

YES I believe I am important to Celebrity ( or any ) cruiseline. Gotta go, tooth fairy is coming for dinner. Part of my upgrade pacjage from the dental plan...

George in NY
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