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Default "Class System" still exists...what else do you see as a 'high paying' customer?

So I was just reading a CM article comparing 'Luxury' accommodations on a Mass-Market line v. full-blown "Luxury Line" cruising.

The way I see it, the class system (although obviously no longer called 1st, 2nd or 3rd for PC reasons ) still exists wrt how much you pay on a Mass Market Line, and what you have access to as a high-paying customer that other ticket holders do not.

Compare that to the Luxury Line, where you are, essentially, ALL holding First-Class tickets, and have access to's a one-class experience.

What I wonder- and am putting it out there to those who have, or regularly, sail Luxury Lines- do you see a lot (or even some) people who feel that their money is better than your money? I can't help but think of Rose's line in the movie "Titanic" where she's describing what the rest of the FC passengers thought about Molly, who was looked down upon because she was "new money" and of Jack (the dinner scene) where he was " heir to a railroad fortune, perhaps...New Money, but still in the club."

Is there a lot of name-dropping, and "how I made my fortune" stories and all that among the pax? Other commentary?
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