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Hi Lynn! I'd like a getaway too! I only do the Caribbean and, because air fare is always a concern, I'd need to find a good deal to get to Florida. They're out there...just have to hunt for them. I am a happily married woman and wouldn't want to take more than a 7-night cruise. I don't smoke and can't stand the smell, but I love the penny slots. I love regular, old-fashioned Coke so I always bring a few cans. I like to play trivia, board games and am not athletic but I do like to do beaches and snorkeling. I think smiles are the universal language. Although I don't care what my roomie does, I like to retire early and watch TV or read unless the show is really good, mostly comedians. I'm not a big fan of dressing up so I usually avoid the dining room on fancy nights.

What's your first impression?
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