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I like to consider myself a cross dresser... errrr.. I mean cross cruiser

By that I mean I've been able to cruise a pretty broad cross section of cruise ship "sectors" and believe I've been able to fit in on most.

My last luxury line cruise was a couple of years back on Silversea, and they published a list of passengers on the ship, and I was amazed to see how many Lord and Ladies, Dukes and Duchesses, and other "titled" guests were on the manifest.

I found everyone to be super friendly and not at all "snobby", and certainly not spending all their time talking about their money (with the exception of one couple from).

There was open seating in the dining room, and the Maitre D would do a terrific job of joining people at tables for dinner. Within a few nights I'd met a large % of people on the ship. Socially, as well as other ways, it was just a superb cruise.

On a previous luxury cruise, I got to play blackjack with the Prince and Princess of Thailand, and they were very sweet.

Several years back I spent "a day on the job" working as butler on Celebrity. I served breakfast and afternoon tea to the top suites on the ship, and the guests in those suites couldn't have been nicer.

Sometimes I think there's a reverse discrimination taking place; labeling "the rich" as assuming they are better than someone else, or that they think they deserve to be treated differently.

Naturally there are cases where there are people who do, but there's also cases of people who do, without the money, just being rude.
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