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Morning Mike, and all to follow.
Sorry you and Betty are not feeling well, it's like this winter and its germs just keep dragging on. I was feeling pretty crummy myself yesterday, as if I was coming down with something, but so far, nothing major thank goodness!

Speaking of winter dragging on, we woke this morning to a winter wonderland once again. It is still snowing, and we were not supposed to get any of this, it was all supposed to go to Newfoundland, but they were wrong again.

Well, maybe the kids will get their wish and we can go sledding again this afternoon. They have been disappointed with the bare grass and mud and not being able to go out....

I'm looking forward to tonight when I can return to my Pilates class after work, and following that, attend a "Kitchen Party" at our favourite pub.
This is an informal gathering of local musicians who just whoop it up, playing and singing with everyone joining in. Should be fun!

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