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Originally Posted by geek2330 View Post
thanks guys for the quick posts.

One more question, I was reading around and see that they will allow you to bring wine into the cruise but if you bring it into the restaurants there's a $15 charge, which I'm ok with.

There's no charge if you carry a glass full from your cabin to the table at dinner time.

Should I assume you cannot have your own drinks around the pool area (aside from the ones you buy), unless you disguise it ......

Not at all. Just bring you own mug from home & fill it up before leaving your cabin with whatever or fill up on OJ before they shut down the Horizon for breakfast. No one will look twice & no hiding necessary.

I'm also trying to find any videos of the Caribe deck and its Balcony, checking youtube but if there's a link you can share please do so.

I don't have a video but the Caribe deck is one of the best offering more balcony space & most importantly a chair that reclines. The other decks are all straight back chairs.

Lastly, how many nights you must wear formal (jacket and tie) ? I heard the Captain's night is one that everyone must wear nice but not sure if there's any other nights requiring non-casual clothing. I want to have an idea of what to pack....cannot wait for my 1st experience....!!
The clothing thing is usually blown out of proportion to what actually occurs on the ships. On formal night most people will dress for dinner with a jacket but if you have on a long sleeve dress shirt with dress pants, it will suffice (tie optional). After dinner most people go back to the cabin to change immediately into something more comfortable for the shows although there are some who remain dressed for the evening. On casual evenings just about anything goes with the exception of shorts in the dining room. Jeans, Dockers, Polo shirts & even T shirts will be seen. Don't sweat it.
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