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I think I would feel like I didn't fit in. I'm not super-educated (ie: I don't have letters after my name ); I'm certainly not a 'worldly' person, and I have barely travelled outside of New England other than to simply drive to FL to hop on a boat. I don't understand the stock market, or big business. The thought of going to NY City scares me. Mine is a small box :neutral:

I do keep my manners, and try to behave "properly" when I'm in the MDR (but does good behavior in the MDR need to be stepped up a couple notches when you're traveling in luxury?) I do see the MDR as a 'fine' restaurant, but I'm also somewhat uncomfortable because of the obvious class system that the cruiselines themselves use to place their employees. There's that whole race/ethnicity thing going on that I think is just a HORRIBLE practice.

At home, you have your neighbors, your peers, just regular everyday people working in the local Applebee's or even in the nicer restaurants with linen. I don't know if I could get over the "I'm certainly no better than anyone else, and I don't deserve special treatment" and would be feeling like I was in a time warp with the knowledge that today, we've come a long way (albeit not far enough) in eliminating those ideas and attitudes.

I've just taken this thread in an entirely different direction...sorry about that! All I'm saying is I guess I have a different attitude, and don't see it as 'pampering' so much as I see it as having someone else do what I'm perfectly capable of doing (just tell me where the extra towels are, and I'll get them thanks, or picking up my own fork that I just dropped on the floor).
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