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Winter is back...doesn't it read the calendar! A very cold morning with lots of frost. Forecast is for 2 to 4 inches of that white stuff by Sunday AM.
I was suppose to be kidless today but a call at 6:30 am changed the plan. I ended up with two. Daddy got called out to work on his day off and Mommy had to work also. Put one on the bus to school and the other is spending the day here. We will be heading to Ashland, Ky shortly for one of the last times I will have to go for D/H. The sale of his business in only weeks away if we can get all the paperwork done. Who knew it would take this long. Retirement keeps being postponed for him.
We have a full weekend of square dancing on the agenda. Tonight is Columbus, Ohio, tomorrow evening Greenville, Ohio then Sunday afternoon Springfield, Ohio. Glad I get really good gas milage on the Chevy HHR!
Mike, sorry to hear that you and Betty have found the crud. It is still going around here with many folks still getting it. Hope it passes quick.

Everyone have a good day and stay warm. Prayers to all in need.

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