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Morning all.

Mike, I hope you can rest some today and that the cold will be short lived.

I want to thank you all for the compassion yesterday. My daughter spent the day with her boyfriend and other friends. She came in not wanting to talk, so I am patiently waiting for her to do so. It's difficult to feel helpless, but I know she will come to me in her own time.

I am sorry for others who have had bad news recently or who have lost loved ones. It's a difficult thing.

I had planned on taking dad for a ride in his wheelchair around the neighborhood today but got up this morning and it was so cold in here that I turned the heat on. I guess getting out for him will have to wait. More housework in store for me and maybe a trip to the store.

My dog Spot seems to understand Daylight Savings Time. I take her for two walks a day during warm weather months. I never have a set time to begin each year, it just starts with me taking her out one warm evening. Well, the day after DST began this year she started bugging me in the evening. It took me a day or two to figure out that she expected to go for a walk! My baby is one smart and very spoiled girl.
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