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I've never had an inside cabine on any of our three cruises and there's a second verse to that song. Of course some people love them because they're not in them so much and they are admittedly cheaper.

We had the same type cabin (actually the same cabin two years in a row) on the Explorer of the Seas and it was an oversized forward facing over the bow above the bridge with a humongous picture window. As I always say, I'd like to see the iceberg before we actually plow into it. It is 211 sq. ft. so it's spacious.

Most ships don't have forward facing cabins although on the larger RCI ships Explorer and above, they also have inside cabins with windows looking down on the Royal Promenade.

I think I'd find the interior a bit too claustrophobic for my tastes and opt at least for an outside with a porthole if not a balcony.

It's all a matter of preference.

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