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Hhmmmmm? Another point of view ......

Assuming that you are NOT claustrophobic ... being a light sleeper, I like the idea of being able to block out all outside light.

I have booked inside cabins before and have rolled up a towel and placed it at the bottom of the door to block out the hallway light so I could be in complete darkness. The best inside cabins for peace, QUIET, and darkness are midship in the center hallways, these are usually the larger inside cabins as well.

There are so many open decks to enjoy arrival and sail away from port, that unless you plan on spending most of your time in your cabin, you are not missing much.

It really comes down to how important "light" is to you, I've booked balconies and put a chair in front of the curtain to hold it tight against the window/door to block the light out. I loved sitting on the balcony and watching the ocean go by ... but didn't sleep as well as I do in the dark

The important part is .... you're on a cruise!!! Have fun!

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