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Over the past decade, the mass market lines have become quite sophisticated in filtering and evaluating ratings and comments on the comment forms most people complete at the end of the cruise.

One of the most consistent trends we have identified is the relationship between cabin category and ratings/complaints.
Passengers staying in inside cabins complain considerably more, and generally rate the cruise lower, than passengers who stay in outside and balcony cabins.

I have yet to see a comprehensive explanation for this phenomena.
We do know that a rather high percentage of inside cabin dwellers complain on the first day of the cruise that their cabin is "not what they expected".

Do inside cabin dwellers just like to complain more?
Do inside cabin dwellers expect more even though they have paid less?
Is an inside cabin so uncomfortable that it negatively colors all the other elements of the cruise?
Most inside cabin dwellers tend to spend less money per day than other passengers. Does this lessen their cruise experience and cause them to complain more and rate the cruise lower?
We generally assign less experienced cabin stewards to sections with inside cabins. Could a lower service standard in these cabins result in lower ratings for everything else onboard?
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