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I know a little bit about marketing but nothing about cruise ship marketing.

I think there are 3 possible scenarios from Regent’s new concierge class.

1) The new concierge class is a failure
The cruise line loses passengers in the lower priced suites who don’t like the perception of being treated as a second class guest and other passengers are unwilling to pay more for the “perks” that come with the higher priced suites.

2) The new concierge class is a success
The cruise line fills up the higher priced suites with passengers who are motivated to upgrade because of the “perks” and fills up the lower priced suites with guests who don’t mind the perception of a lower standard of service.

3) The new concierge class has no impact
Nobody pays attention to the differences, if any, in actual or perceived standards of service.

If scenario 1 happens, I would hope they have the intelligence to discontinue it. I doubt the general public will know whether scenario 2 or 3 happens. I’m sure Regent will declare it a success.

I agree that it's too soon to predict. For me, the perception of a lower class of service when I choose a luxury (or 6 star) experience is a turn off and would affect my decision, but I may not be a “typical” passenger.
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