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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
Not sure if this is allowed here or not (I don't work for them!); but I just wanted to throw out an endorsement for them.

If you are sailing on a ship that allows you to bring your own wine on board and you are travelling by air and can't bring your own from home - this is a great service.

You can pre-order (and pay for) your wine on their website. You must do so at least 2 days before you sail. We had our cabbie stop on route from the airport and wait while DH ran in to pick up our order. It might have cost us an extra $8 in cab fare, but our order was filled, ready and waiting.
I had good service from them down near the port as the shop was so huge I had trouble finding what I needed.

Funniest thing I found were bottles of whiskey in 1.75 litre plastic bottles.
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