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Queen, we were on the week before you were on (didn't you see me waving to you as you were getting on and we were getting off?). Our cabin was 6164 so you were not too far away! We were all the way at the stern, port side. Our balcony wrapped around on the side. I wonder if we had the same stewards? I did notice some difference in the Eurodam and Westerdam (took a second cruise on her last Thanksgiving) and I asked if they did certain things differently (i.e., cotton swabs and Qtips not in dressing area) but as soon as I spoke up, got whatever I asked for (in the same containers as were on the Westerdam, in the same spot, so you see, they were not there initially). When we boarded and met our stewards, we told them exactly the way we like things (give us double the towels--which we almost always do not use anyway, we don't vacate the cabin for dinner till 8 pm so make up other cabins first, and also to make our room up last on disembarkation day.) They are well provided for, the first day and the last day, so everyone is extremely happy.
As we always eat in the PG and are the last ones to leave (between 11 and 11:30), I do agree that there was not another soul in any of the lounges we walked by at that late hour. In fact, some of the crew members were already cleaning and running the sweeper in the Explorers Lounge, etc...When we went to Northern Lights one evening, there were only about 30 people there and half of them were crew. There were still some in the extremely smoky casino, but not a full house. We did not go to Mariner's Lunch/Brunch, but did go to about 5 other private parties and were able to drink whatever we wanted with no refusals given (Cosmopolitan, Bellini, etc).
We did not get sick but there were some people who did, I understand. We were also rocking and rolling on our cruise. It rained in HMC, both in the am when we arrived and then later in the day. It also rained in St. Thomas in the afternoon, but cleared up before we left. We took our own "private shore excursions" having been to those ports many times. You may want to try Sapphire Beach next time, or even take the ferry over to St. John's.
There were not too many kids on board with us, but did not hear any negative comments about them at all.
When we were in St.Thomas, the Allure was next to us (and from far away, you could really see the difference). We tend not to like huge cruise ships, so HAL size is just fine for our needs.
We were also off the ship by 9:15 am, gray white #1, but were driving back home, having parked our car in the terminal's gararge.
One thing which we also noticed was that the maitre'd in the PG (Jude Benjamin, or just Benjamin) insisted on having men wear jackets there on a couple of nights. Other PG maitre d's did not. (It was nice because they did look rather raunchy and everyone else was dressed up, even on non-formal evenings.)
We made out like bandits as it was my bd the last night. Were given 2 free dinners at PG by Mr. Stein Kruse as well as a cookbook. On board, given another 2 free dinners at PG, a free bottle of Christal champagne, two sets of coasters, a photo album, received choc candy and a floral arrangement from concierge (who also decorated the cabin with balloons), after dinner drinks and specialty coffee many evenings and perhaps some other stuff I've already forgotten about.
Going on the Century on 4/16--will you be on our tails and shall I get them ready for you?
Have fun on whichever sea you sail on!
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