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Smile Cruise ship workers

We all know that NCL tried an all American crew and that was a disaster. Americans truly do not know the menial work and long hours. The only time I have ever reported a crew member and he was an Officer from Croatia was a private statement made to me that was so abhorent that I was absolutely personally insulted... and I waited until the next morning to report him. The comments from the Security Officer weren't what I wanted to hear. I am so grateful for the work the Room Stewards do, the extra attention that is paid to my husband who has a disability and it is so easy to say hello and good morning/good evening with a smile. I guess it's all about our attitudes treating others the way we would like to be treated...COURTESY. Remember at the end of OUR cruise they are ready to start all over again meeting new people and demands.We go back to our homes and families and they maybe on for another six months before they see theirs. My cruising days maybe sadly over, but we love cruising and all the great people including staff that we have met.

Just as there are TA's using that practice, there are some folks in probably any field or profession crying "poor", especially during these tough economic times !

"There maybe "tough economic times" but you can't prove much of it by the larger cruise ships and the throngs and throngs of cruisers...There is a segment of our population who obviously aren't being affected by "tough economic times" are there?

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