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Originally Posted by 2katz3fsh View Post


We made out like bandits as it was my bd the last night. Were given 2 free dinners at PG by Mr. Stein Kruse as well as a cookbook. On board, given another 2 free dinners at PG, a free bottle of Christal champagne, two sets of coasters, a photo album, received choc candy and a floral arrangement from concierge (who also decorated the cabin with balloons), after dinner drinks and specialty coffee many evenings and perhaps some other stuff I've already forgotten about.
Going on the Century on 4/16--will you be on our tails and shall I get them ready for you?
Have fun on whichever sea you sail on!

I just want to be sure I'm understanding you correctly.......

Mr. Stein Kruse sent you Cristal champagne for your birthday? (Underline provided by me.)

How wonderful but surprising.... at least to me.

Do I understand you correctly?
Interesting as of all the many, many times we've sailed HAL, I've never seen Cristal served. For treats and luxe, we've seen Dom served on HAL ships.
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