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Originally Posted by by_the_board View Post
I chose to carry on some alcohol on my recent cruise for the same reason that I don't walk into a car dealership and pay full ticket price for a new car. I like to think of myself as an informed consumer. On my recent cruise I estimate that I saved enough $ to pay for parking at POM. I did purchase a few DOD and a bottle of wine at Harry's Steakhouse so Carnival did make some $ from me. I am a responsible consumer of alcohol beverages and don't smuggle alcohol in order to drink myself into a stupor.
There IS a major difference. When entering the car dealership, you did not give your word that you would pay full price for a car. You did not give your word that you would even buy a car.

When booking your cruise YOU gave your word that you would abide by the rules Carnival set. [even if you had not read or were not aware of those rules].

So the difference is the value you place on your integrity. Mine is worth more than all the booze Carnival sells. And I do buy my FULL share of it.
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