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As some may know from reading what I have posted on here, I work in the hospitality industry here in the US. For the gold standard by which all others are judged in fact. That actually puts a lot of pressure on me considering I work in the lodging side of things where I am. I've been yelled at, cussed at, called so many different names you would blush even if you were a Navy Sailor. I've been told I should be fired, lose my job, be reprimanded and worse, just because I was doing my job and following the rules.

When I worked in the parks, I didn't get to travel as much, but since moving to the lodging side of things, I get more opportunity. I see and I observe a lot. I grew up living around the world and travelling around the world. And when I observe, I watch it all. The service people, and those they are serving. Hands down, the service people will always win. Yes occasionally there are those that lose it and do something while front of house that they shouldn't.

Are they a bad service person that shouldn't be there? Perhaps.

Regardless ... when I travel these days, I actually watch the guest more than the host. Most people are good guests, but the bad ones are just appalling.

For those of you that have never worked as a career (and yes, it can be a career depending on where you are) in the service industry, you just don't see what we see. There is more bad than good, but the bad is just ... well very very bad.

I do have high standards the moment I step on a ship. But they're no higher than the standards I have when I step into a landside hotel. Or walk into a landside restaurant. More often than not, while on a ship my expectations are vastly exceeded, and even go above and beyond what I am used to where I work.

And now I feel I am rambling. I apologize. Its just something I am a little passionate about.

And anyone that follows what I say on this site will know who I work for, I just don't like throwing the name out there all the time, even tho I am beyond proud of my job.

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