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I haven't read Kuki's blog yet, so I probably should not comment until having done so, BUT....

In all my days at sea (granted this number doesn't come close to others here!) ...... I can say that for the most part, the crew is humble and hard-working. For the most part; these have been the crew that are of Asian origin.

I have only had two bad "crew" experiences, and both were with Eastern European crew. One was a Bulgarian Black Jack dealer. Granted, he probably had a very dry sense of humour, but after I tipped him $1 on a winning $5 black jack hand ....he muttered under his breath "great, that will pay for my house". I walked away from his table and never played with him again. I don't mind losing money, but I hate losing money to grumpy dealers.

The other bad experience was with a Croation waiter on Carnival Dream. I didn't report him, but I really didn't like him. He tried to convince me that he did not see a cent of the auto-tips and that if I wanted to thank him, I should tip him cash directly. He also tried extensively to guilt me about being able to afford cruise whereas he just had to live on a cruiseship. He asked me what my house was worth, what my job was, and how much money I make in Canada. I'm sorry, but I don't go on holidays to be guilted into tipping others who are misfortunate.

Just two examples, and I believe strongly that these men were the exception not the norm. I've encountered more hard-working, humble, and appreciative workers than anything else. I mentioned in one of my trip reviews, that one of the things I most liked about HAL, is that it offered the highest level of service I have encountered to date, and there was "zip/zero/zilch" talk of tips or gratuities.

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