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Queen..I concur with your sentiments..I cannot think of one negative encounter with a crew person that I have ever had..but then again I try to approach crew members with alittle extra respect for what they do and how hard they work

my Mom for over 20 years worked in housekeeping at a large inn and when I was little, on weekends I use to tag along and help her clean the is very hard, backbreaking work and I learned alot...on my cruises I make a point of leaving a short note every day address to my cabin person to thank them and wish them a good day and $1(our jazz cruises required prepaid tips that are alittle more then a normal cruise which is a great idea on the part of the promoter)..I also make sure all the towels in the bathroom that are used are pick up and left on the sink counter so she(he) does not have to bend over and p/u off the floor

being from New Orleans I always pack a bag of Mardi Gras beads (that I purchase from our local ARC) and on the last full day at sea, my cabin mate and I hand out to the crew members that we have interacted with thru out the week, including some of the deck hands that are washing down the lido deck that I see every morning on my sunrise walk and my great joy is to go to the guest services desk to hand out beads to the staff when guests are complaining about their print out of the s&s final bill..the look of surprise and smiles from the crew is a nice way to end my jazz cruise
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