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Originally Posted by sail7seas View Post
How lovely.
Happy Birthday.
Yes, it was a great bd to remember. We sailed on the Westerdam over Thanksgiving last year and renewed our acquaintance with Walter, Bev Manager, who sat with us a few nights at the PG while going over past cruises. We normally drink DomP every night except formal (Opus One on those) and since HAL normally does not order in large quantities those bottles, he said he would email the Eurodam to make sure they had put some aside for us. (He did this as when we were in the PG, at least two people told us they had gotten the email.) Our first bottle of DP on Euro was good, but the second one not so good. They only had one more bottle left of the good vintage and maybe 5 or so of the not so good. We replaced the bad with the good and on the last night, they had no more of the good DomP so we ended up with Christal (but Dom P still remains our fave). DomP was about $199 and even cheaper than the C (@$325) and when we got our bill at the end of the evening, the C was not on it. By then, it was too late (after 11:30pm) and no one was around so the next day we questioned the concierge and Christine said the corp bev manager had "taken care of it," in addition to our other after dinner drinks and specialty coffee. Their "good" wine list is extremely limited, and they did not even have the Rothschild Lafite on board. We usually drink Inskillin (sp), an ice wine for dessert and they did not have this. We met Bernardo, the sommelier, in a store in Grand Turk buying it for us (as we were buying a couple of bottles to take on board and drink in PG, after paying corkage fee. We ended up drinking theirs, which he so kindly bought for us, and brought ours home, for another occasion.) "Bernie" did not have to do this on his free time, but did so and we were extremely grateful (he was compensated in kind). To know that HAL has this type of staff is another reason why we keep going back. You can bet the mortgage that Mr. Kruse got another letter to this effect when we got home. We're passengers for life!

Thanks for your good bd wishes! Hoping yours is as great!

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