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As a resident of Mexico for the last nine months, I´m sorry to hear your analysis of these ports. Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful ports in all of Mexico and the world for that matter. Over the last thirty years I have spent weeks and months there as a tourist. It is extremely safe and beautiful.

Travel is of interest to most tourists because of the differences in culture, lifestyle and language. White plastic¨and clean¨America is not and should not be an example
to which all cultures should aspire. And things are not so rosey in most parts of the U.S.A. if you only scratch the surface.

Drug related gangs are just as prevalent and probably even moreso per capita if you really do the math. There are other serious problems such as environmental catastrophies such as the gulf oil spill that make the good old USA not as perfect as some may think.

Let´s try to be less ethnocentric when viewing and defining the rest of the world. Or so it seems to me!
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