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Default Good Wednesday Morning, it's HUMP Day!

Good morning all!

It's pretty cool outside this morning here in upper East Tennessee with a temp of 33F. But it's to rise to around 68 later on under partly cloudy skies.

Well, I know I'm getting old. I moved the car from the lower driveway up to the upper driveway carport day before yesterday to blow off some grass I got on it while mowing. Got tripped up in the cord of the leaf blower and hit the concrete like a ton of bricks. Didn't break anything but I do have a minor sprained knee. The worse part was that I couldn't grab anything to pull myself up so I grabbed the fender and finally got off the concrete after spending about five minutes there. Gettin' old ain't no fun. And I'm even more sore than I was yesterday.

Church today and then this weekend at some point, I'm going down to Clinton to visit my Brother and SIL (my niece DeAnna and her husband are on a month long cruise in Asia). Don't want to stick around the house alone as Saturday would have been Fran's and my 39th Anniversary.

I'm still of course fighting depression and will for probably over a year but I'm back to functionality thanks' to Jeff's (my cardiologist) script for Celexa. I still have a lot of bad days (averaging three or so a week) but it's only a deep sadness and I'm able to keep my emotions in check.

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday. Yours truly will be going to Church at Noon and this afternoon I hope to get a head start on my newspaper column so I'm not going crazy at the last minute.

Of course Ray and Helen lead my prayer list which is so lengthy I've had to write everyone's name down and keep it by my bedside nightstand. Blessings of course for everyone and I hope all of you'uns have a wonderful day.


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