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Sunny and windy here but at least no rain! Today is my grandaughter Danica's 3rd birthday so a party is in the plans for this evening.

Todd, I know what you mean about getting body is telling me I am no longer in my youth and can't do things I did only a few years ago. Hope your knee gets better soon. Enjoy the weekend trip with family.

RD, those kids can sure give you a workout can't they? Have a good time at Trivia tonight.

Luanne, Oh how I wish I were going to those races with you! I haven't been to one for several years and sure do miss them. I still watch them on TV but it is better to be there in person. You have a great time and give me an update when you return.

Prayers for Ray & Helen top my list also. Hope things are getting better for them. Everyone have a good day and if you are getting sunshine..enjoy it.

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