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Good Afternoon All

I have now returned to the milder and wetter side of the Atlantic after a very enoyable 10 days in NE of USA. Yeah Mike I even managed more than my fair share of fun.

Part of my trip was spent in DC during the Cherry Blossom festival; previously I had been in DC during a snowstorm. I prefer DC in snow simply because it is quieter.

I did not realise how much I appreciated my green land until I flew into Glasgow yesterday.

It was strange to visit part of a country where although further south than Scotland - spring will be later this year. Really odd not to see gardens full of flowers. That reminds me that the garden will require a lot of work this week.

Todd - you take care.
BW - we all hate paying taxes but if we had no income we would pay no tax. Most UK residents pay tax on an on-going basis and avoid the annual tax season.

Although I don't know Ray and Helen, I appreciate this will be a difficult time for them but as everyone says Ray has to look after himself first.

Have a good day

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