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Originally Posted by Nothin but blue skies View Post
I do appreciate the little bowl of sample size shampoos, razor, etc., that is placed in the cabin by Carnival, although there are several items I never use. I would like to have included a small hand sanitizer to carry around with us, to help control germs from passenger to passenger. I always bring one of these, but most people don't. The hand sanitizer that I received recently at a seminar is a spray bottle and the cap has a clip similar to the clips on a fountain pen. It can be carried easily in a small purse or in your pocket.

It would also be nice to have a small box of kleenex on the bedside table,a magnifying mirror, and an electrical outlet in the bathroom for hairdryers or curling irons. The only ones I have seen in the bathrooms are for electric razors.

Last, but not least, I wish the room service meals were better and that you could get meals delivered (or take-out) from the dining rooms. I know that you can pick up a tray in the buffet and take it to your cabin, but you can't get the meals that are served in the dining room. We love having most of meals in the dining room and really detest the buffet food. There are times on a very port intensive cruise that we are tired at the end of the day and would just love to relax in our room with a decent meal in the evening. Since it does not cost the cruiseline any extra to prepare the dining room meal for take-out/delivery than it does if I go and sit in the dining room, I don't understand their reluctance in doing this.
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