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Originally Posted by kryos View Post
I'd be happy if the rooms had a small alarm clock! That's something I never understood ... why cabins on ships are not equipped with an alarm clock ... maybe something that could take CD's too. You get that in most hotel rooms, do you not? While I can understand that a regular radio probably wouldn't work very well, there is no reason why an alarm clock, or one with a CD, or one with pre-recorded music channels wouldn't work.

I wonder why they don't have them?

As for the microwaves, I asked about that once. I mentioned as I was leaving the Pinnacle Grill one evening that I felt so bad leaving half my meal, but I just couldn't eat it. I had gotten the petite fillet, so it wasn't a matter of ordering too much. I just don't eat very much in one sitting and I lamented that it was a shame there was not a microwave in the cabin so that I could enjoy the rest of my meal for lunch the next day. I think the reason they don't put microwaves in the cabins is specifically because they don't want passengers eating in there. It can draw bugs and other pests that they would just rather not deal with.

Blue skies ...

Why don't cruise ships have alarm clocks in the cabins?
The upscale lines do have them. So do many suites on the mass market ships.
Several mass market lines tried to install alarm clocks in their cabins.
They were stolen immediately.
When I worked at NCL we even hard wired 220 volt clocks into the wall and added a sign warning passengers that the clocks would not work at home with 110 volts. They literally ripped the wires out of the walls and stole the clocks anyway.
Then we super-glued clocks to the night stands. Passengers pried them off to take them home - destroying the night stands.

If the ships did have clocks in the cabins, who would be responsible to change them when the time zone changed? You or your cabin steward?
If the cabin steward forgets to change it and you miss your tour, does the cruise line have to give you a refund?
If you forget to change it and miss your tour does the cruise line have to give you a refund?
Why no microwaves in cabins?
1. Fire hazard
2. They use too much current and would destroy the step-down transformers supplying power to your cabin.
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