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If you have any talent / experience you might contact the cruise line's Corporate Executive Chef.

There are several caveats you should consider:

1. Most cruise lines have European Culinary Management. That means that all recipes are generally European. Europeans cook with recipes based on weight; Americans cook with recipes based on volume. There is a big difference between the two. You need to convince this Corporate Chef that you can handle that.

2. Most land-based restaurants cook with gas. All cruise ships cook with electricity. There is a very big difference between these as well. You need to be able to convince a corporate executive chef that you can handle this.

3. You didn't mention which passport you carry. If it is from USA, your chances of getting a job on a ship are extremely slim. Our fellow countrymen have done a marvelous job in the past, convincing cruise line management that Americans are terrible employees. The cruise lines have been burned so many times in the past that they are extremely reluctant to hire American employees to work on ships. If by chance you are Canadian, your chances are far better.
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