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Default Carnival Group Rate Questions

We are considering planning a "Family & Friends" cruise in the fall of 2013. I have contacted Carnival in an attempt to get some rough ideas on pricing, but it's difficult to do as cruises for the fall of 2013 are not yet posted. While the pricing might vary, as a general guideline, I have been playing with dates for the fall of 2012 to make an educated guess on what rates could be in 2013. Again, this may not be accurate, but at least it's a ballpark price.

Anyway, my question is specifically for those who have booked group cruises with carnival in the past.

Has anyone who has ever been booked on a group (rate) cruise ever go back to the Carnival website and see what they are charging everyone else for your same cruise?, ie, how much per person is your group saving? Now if you were in a group you might have gotten additional "Perks" due to the allocation of Carnival's "Fun Points" I think it's called. I will ignore that for now and consider it, "Gravy" for those in our group.

If anyone can offer me a dollar ammount of how much cheaper your rate was for the group cruise, than Carnival's "Early Saver" rate, could you please post the following:

1.) The dollar ammount you saved
2.) The length of your cruise,
3.) Your stateroom type (interior, balcony, etc.)
4.) What free "Perks" did your group have.

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