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Default I'm just a hairy guy

Originally Posted by katlady View Post
That is some avatar. The hair is the 70s was very interesting. How many years for this reunion? I went to my 10 year reunion. Then for the 20 year I tried to get them to make the reunion a reunion cruise. I got voted down on that one. So a second suggestion was a more causal reunion picnic where people could bring their kids and just hang out. Plus it wouldn't have been as expensive. I had a lot of support for that idea. But the head reunion person vetoed us. They planned the same old lame dinner in an overpriced hotel with dancing thingy. The tickets were like $100 per person so I didn't waste my money.
This will be my 50th.reunion .By the time you read this you will see a hairier photo circa 1976 .
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