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Originally Posted by krunch View Post
Thanx everyone for the input. As I said, I am just exploring the options right now, so i contacted Carnival first to see what they offer. I will also check with a travel agent as this gets closer as there are no rates available to be even quoted right now. All I was attempting to do is "Ballpark" price this vacation.

WRT last minutes rates as one poster suggested, if the whole group waited to attempt a last minute rate, that's too much of a gamble, not to mention trying to get a flight that last in the game, and a hotel near the port. Too risky IMHO for an entire group.

Many people suggested getting more from the travel agent. Did anyone click on the link I posted which explains Carnival's point system? I only need 5 staterooms to get some value, I hope to get more than that, and hopefully the rates and or perks would get better because of that.

True that you may only need 5 staterooms in the end to gain access to the "Fun Points", but that will not get you the "free berth" you will earn for 8 staterooms...... a higher # of staterooms sold will not get better rates nor will it give you additional "fun points"...... I would strongly suggest you speak to a good TA and look at all options before deciding that a "Group Booking" is the best cost effective way to save $$$$ !

A good TA will try to find the best method to book your group and is the most cost effective for the group. Their services are FREE (in most cases) so why would you even want to take the responsibility of doing this yourself and possibly have problems that everyone is pointing the finger at you for ?
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