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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
The ships I have sailed that looked the most "shabby" were ships that were going to be taken out of the fleet.

Ocean Princess before it was transferred to P&O (since then it's been transferred back) had railings desperately in need of varnish. Carpet that was stained and had some tears and the exterior was in need of a paint job. It was interesting because the ships was less than four years old when I sailed her.

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Interesting Mike,
I did not realize Ocean Princess went back & forth to P&O. Don't forget the R ships may have been in need of maintenance before Princess got them, they came from a company in bankrupcy and also were in mothballs for a while. So 4 years must have been right after Princess got the Ocean.

Am not sure if Princess knows what they want to do w/their R ships, they were constructed for luxury cruising. IMO Azamara & Oceania understand it better.

I was on Royal Princess last year a few weeks before it went to P&O and did not notice any maint. needs or change in service.

O F C'er
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