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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
A different perspective (of course this depends on how much money you are leaving behind!). I'd be more inclined to leave the money for the college education.

We've already got our kids' education saved for, so we can splurge on holidays now without worrying of what lies ahead. But if we didn't have the money for the education, and my FIL gave me the option of taking us on a cruise or leaving several thousands for the education fund, guess what I'd opt for?

An education is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Perhaps you are fortunate enough that you can do both!
I opt for the cruise. It is the parents responsibility to educate their children as we did with them. It is not our duty to supply any thing. It would be a gift if they were so lucky as to inherit. It is our joy and pleasure to share what we have with them to enjoy the memories together.
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