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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
Perhaps he was trying to be in character?

I loved HMC but I was very off-put the island staff. I'm sure most/all of therm are ship staff who take on additional work on HMC. The main thing that got me was how little the staff now of what was where on the island.

We had trouble finding club HAL. Had we paid attention to the directions that were in the Club HAl directions, we would have been fine. Instead we got off the island and started walking. We looked at teh board signs which had Club Hal identified as being in an area that it wasn't. We kept following the legend on the map and there was nothing where the map said it would be. We walked to the ship. We asked at leat 6 different staff members for directions to Club Hal ~ no one knew where it was. Some just pointed us off in the wrong direction. We had too much stuff in tow, plus two kids, and the sun was beating down. We were miserable.

To me, there is no excuse for the island staff to know know where everything is. And if they dont' know, they should say they dont know rather than just guessing and send you off in the wrong direction. I found many of the island workers to be rude and/or indifferent which was VERY different from my experience on the ship.
Even though you are sure that most or all of the staff on HMC are ship staff - they are not.

These people are employed by a management company that oversees the island for HAL. Some of them are Bahamian residents who commute to HMC from one of the larger islands in the Bahamas. The remainder are not even from the Bahamas. They commute via boat from some distance away.

The fellow dressed as Captain Morgan does not work for HAL and does not work for the management of HMC. He is employed by a large international liquor distribution company that financed and built the Captain Morgan on the Rocks Bar on HMC.