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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
This marketing conception was not in play when I was there, glad my memory is not that bad.

Even if the "Captain" does not work for HAL, he does represent them in his job,and consequently, in my opinion should be held to the same standards ao one who is employed directly.
I couldn't agree with you more.
One could also argue that travel agents who sell you the cruise, the people who meet cruise passengers at the airport, drive the transfer buses to the pier, handle the bags on the pier, check you in at the pier, handle port security, perform Customs and Immigration checks, and conduct tours in ports also do not work directly for the cruise lines - but should still be held to the same high standards.

Unfortunately, all too often, these people also fail to measure up.
In far too many situations, when working with a second or third party vendor connected to a cruise line, the experience is not the best. The cruise lines do not have enough control over these people to ensure that the standards will be met.