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Can we pass on the 'crap' language? Thanks.

You want professional behavior so let's all abide.

I haven't researched and certainly won't bother but I'm not sure if Carnival Corporation or HAL (owned by Carnival Corporation) owns HMC. You do know that Carnival ships also call there but never when a HAL ship is at the Island.

Many of the island workers come over from Eleuthra to work the island when ships are in.

There are also permanent caretakers who live on the island, particularly to take care of the horses.

I think this is a big deal about a little thing.
You certainly could have found any number of supervisory HAL personnel to speak with if the situation was so distressing. Did you try to do anything about this at the time? If not, why not? If not, what is the point now? Nothing can be done to get your photo at this point. The reason to speak up at the time of an incident is to have it corrected. Or is it just to 'file a complaint'. I always feel I address the issue while on the ship so there is a chance of making it better. Once I'm home, all they can offer is money or discount. I don't want anything other than my cruise to be the best possible. But that's just me and DH..... not everyone feels that way.

Hope you enjoy Captain Morgan more next time you may encounter him.