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Originally Posted by venice View Post
Henry..feel free to put in your will that I receive the demo..Two years ago the official jazz festival poster of Louis Prima (celebrating his 100th birthday) was painted by Tony Bennett..I purchased one of the 250 limited edition glycees and Mr. Bennett was nice enough to sign it for me at JazzFest..I custom framed grandson will receive this cherished piece in his inheritance

Todd..I don't think it's there anymore but I'll ask my friend who lives in Detroit to check..I'll check at the local record store that has old albums to see if I can find you a copy..I once sang an impromptu concert with the Four Tops in the jetway on a flight from Oakland to Chicago at midnight...they asked me to go on the road with thembut I had to say no because my son was you know when their lead singer Levi Stubbs died, to honor them, they have never replaced him (so thus the 3 Tops)

I am also in possession of a program from the Sunday November 17,1929 jazz concert featuring Jazzlip Richardson and Edith Wilson .My father went to the concert and had the program souveneir put into plastic many years later .
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