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Originally Posted by Moiraine View Post
D, you might like to cruise to Bermuda. I know it's on my to do list.
Just looked at the Bermuda cruises I think that would be nice 3 days in port. Why can the cruise ships spend 3 days in Bermuda and not very many other places? I wonder if you found a port you wanted to vist more if you could stay behind then get back on board when the ship came thru again? We just returned from a cruise to Hawaii and are planning on flying back to Mauai to spend a week there.Did a little research on cost comparing a week in Mauai and a 10 day cruise out of San Fransico to Mexico (which we are also considering)The cruise was cheaper $1,300 pp on Princce cruises compared to $1,600 pp flying to Mauai thats a weeks stay in a hotel air and car rental no food.But then we would have to fly to San Fran to catch the ship more $.
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