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Originally Posted by Askabry View Post
I really couldn't agree with you any more. You should send a notice to Holland on this, because in combination with my experience ... and given that we were there within one week of each other, from the same ship and undoubtedly there on the same day of the week ... it really might serve to change things.
It's a distant memory now! I did briefly comment on this in my comment card.

Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
Even though you are sure that most or all of the staff on HMC are ship staff - they are not.

These people are employed by a management company that oversees the island for HAL. Some of them are Bahamian residents who commute to HMC from one of the larger islands in the Bahamas. The remainder are not even from the Bahamas. They commute via boat from some distance away.

Very interesting! I stand corrected then.

Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
I couldn't agree with you more.
One could also argue that travel agents who sell you the cruise, the people who meet cruise passengers at the airport, drive the transfer buses to the pier, handle the bags on the pier, check you in at the pier, handle port security, perform Customs and Immigration checks, and conduct tours in ports also do not work directly for the cruise lines - but should still be held to the same high standards.
I think that is a stretch. HAL takes us to what they profess to be their private island. I would demand high standards of HAL's own booking centres. But travel agents are independant re-sellers and don't need to be held to anyone's standards but their own. Like any company, they live and die by their own sword.

Originally Posted by sail7seas View Post
I haven't researched and certainly won't bother but I'm not sure if Carnival Corporation or HAL (owned by Carnival Corporation) owns HMC. You do know that Carnival ships also call there but never when a HAL ship is at the Island.

So does Carnival stop at the same island? I assumed that part of the island was branded for HAL and part of the island was branded for Carnival; which would not preclude both ships beign docked at the same time. When Carnivals docks there; do they change over all the signage from HAL to Carnival? Just curious.

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