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Originally Posted by You View Post
Quote: "In order to call a cabin "ADA Compliant," it must meet certain ADA Standards for Accessible Design, which aren't mandatory at this time for foreign-flagged vessels like Celebrity Century."
The salient point in this incident is that Celebrity never advertised the suite that the passenger booked to be "ADA Compliant."

Originally Posted by You
quote: "There may be a sequel to the story. Bernstein, who said his only initial goal was to get his client's money back via small-scale binding arbitration, told *edited* that he's now so incensed at how Keskey was treated he's going to file a full-fledged lawsuit against Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. over fleetwide ADA compliance issues."
This lawyer is going to have a tough case because the passenger, who obviously needed an ADA compliant cabin, did not book one.

If the passenger used a travel agency, though, there may be a good case against the travel agent and the agency for booking the passenger in a cabin that obviously did not meet the passenger's need.

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