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Default In Agreement

Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post

The salient point in this incident is that Celebrity never advertised the suite that the passenger booked to be "ADA Compliant."

This lawyer is going to have a tough case because the passenger, who obviously needed an ADA compliant cabin, did not book one.

If the passenger used a travel agency, though, there may be a good case against the travel agent and the agency for booking the passenger in a cabin that obviously did not meet the passenger's need.

Hi Rev ..
The two quotes I posted were extracts from the news article itself to show what were the new items in this case from the original news articles.
See: Update: Disabled Passenger Ordered Off Cruise Speaks Out - Celebrity Cruises

I agree with you fully, even if Celebrity elected to be 100% in compliance, it is still a foreign registered vessel and changes can only occur when a major dry dock upgrade is scheduled.

Yes, he did not ask, he asked for a large cabin with butler thinking this would do the trick as he has managed to work his way via hotels that way.

He used the service of the charted tour group but did not tell them of his needs , now so evident. In the article the Tour Group organizer indicates that in no way were they advised of his unique need and they were surpirsed themselves.
Best to read the article.

As I said earlier, " What might have been a passenger and cruise line joint agreement to benefit all regardless of outcome now looks as if it is headed for an unneeded battle."

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