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Ive replyed to a few posts on here regarding 3 differnt cruises. I get 1 reply that says there interested, let a few days past. Then send a few PMs, This person dosent reply back . Which i consider "rude" Nobody ever returns messages. Its not hard to send a note saying " I found somebody else, or whatever". Thats not going to hurt my feelings... With this day and age when everybody has "smartphones" and "I pads", there is no excuse for not seeing messages......I can understand if your busy and away from "internet" for a short time. But over several days and couple weeks...I dont think so. OK...Enougth of the "RANT"..
Im considering a cruise between early to Mid Sept through early Nov 2011..1 week within that timeframe, mostly when school is IN to avoid as many kids as possible. I prefer ports out of Fla mostly, but will consider New Orleans as well, as long as its not to late in season (cold weather). Im looking for somebody to share a cabin with.. I dont have anythng booked as of yet. Im very easy going, I dont smoke, Im quiet and on shy side as well. Thanks.
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