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Hi Lynn! I'm so glad I helped. I hadn't been on the boards in so long. sometimes, they are slow and sometimes they are non stop. You should be Platinium soon, huh? I have not tried another cruise line - mainly because I know what I'm getting with Carnival, and with the $$ you put out, I'm kinda scared to not enjoy the week (however I don't see how that is possible.). But, why mess with success?? Being platinium is really no biggie - HOWEVER, the MAIN thing that I personally take advantage of is the laundry service!!! I come home to clean clothes!! Send them out daily. It does make getting on the ship easier also - most of the time. Daughter and I (you will love sailing with just your daughter) are going on the Dream because - SHE is dying to go on the dream!! I booked a cove balcony so we hope to enjoy it. Gonna find out!!! We decided to fly in the day before and we will stay on International Drive in Orlando. She wasnts to go see Ripleys Believe it or Not - so we will fly in early, go to Ripleys and also to Wonderworld and by then it will be time for bed - then off to the Dream the next day. Its just soooooooooooooo expensive - all the transfers, etc etc etc. Isn't everything expensive? OMG - Gas is outrageous! I booked the flight also - already - so we better stay healthy and nothing go wrong! Yep, I do have insurance. OK - keep in touch and thanks board for all your wonderful advice!!!
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