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All the cruises I've been on, I have NEVER been upgraded to a wonderful cabin like that! Those people are so lucky and I wish I knew how they did it! I recently started with early savers and book a certain cabin. Perhaps thats why??
That really sucks about that spa pool you pay 35/day for! maybe I should have booked a spa cabin? I go to the gym every day to work out and hit the steam room (love steam room)! But I think it was way higher. Cant remember.
I'm sure we will love the Dream - not wild about flying, transfers, stress etc on that - but unless you go from a port close to you, thats the name of the game. I LOVE the eastern islands. Love the water - and am looking forward to it.
Getsy - we will be there with you. Can't afford btb - and work won't allow that much time off but will be there Jan 14-21! Cove balcony.
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