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Default A response ... other posters and from Management

First of all, I'm going to respond to Sail7 ... who apparently never takes the time to read any of these posts. I can say this definitively, because you cast shots (no matter how softsell you wanted to do it) at me without reading my previous comments ... twice.

Now, you make this comment about "tossing names" ... while blithely either ignoring or simply not reading that my response was to Bruce when he referred to me as part of the "declining quality of cruise passengers". You are amazing in your consistency if nothing else.

Whenever you are ready, feel free to wake up and join the conversation. Perhaps considering a change from decaf might be in order. And please, if I'm hurting your feelings or sensibilities grow up or at least grow a pair.


But to put my last post on this thread .... I received a letter from the Special Advisor, Office of the President.

Among other comments,"We try to prevent problems and to remedy any difficulties as they arise. Your comments regarding the Captain Morgan spokesperson and lack of fresh flowers have been well noted. In light of this experience we have registered these complaints against this sailing and advised the appropriate management for their information, benefit and corrective action as necessary."

In light of things, this is probably the best response. If things change, it will be internal and not for the consumption of the client ... as it probably should be. A change in "complaints" against the sailing has it's own effect, from what I've been given to understand from employees.

At the end of the day, a comment when it happened might have had the best effect but sometimes you only realize things after time.

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